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Scherrer Resources, Inc.

Tools, Techniques and Talent to Expand the Horizon

Scherrer Resources, Inc. provides strategic and tactical planning, analytical services, information technology (IT), software applications and engineering to business and government. We like to help make the world a better place to live.

Our Services

Our Servuces
SaaS Web-Hosted Apps

Scherrer builds and distributes a broad range of web server hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM, SFA and investment optimizing software applications.


Scherrer provides energy, environmental, power, computing and systems technical analysis; including design, modeling, validation, hazard and risk assessments.

Financial Services

Scherrer provides investment, capital, alternative funding and computer-based financial technology solutions for capital-intensive projects.

Support & Consulting

Scherrer provides expert consultant, subject matter expertise, training and help desk services to its clients, worldwide.

eBusiness Solutions

Scherrer Resources, Inc. has strong experience, technical talents and certifications. We can assist you with business integration, portals, workplace, content management, dev tools and applets.

PC Apps

Scherrer builds and markets a broad range of client/server, PC-based CRM and SFA 

software applications. Ally is our brand and we are partners in your success.


"Scherrer's Ally CRM has provided us with the ammunition needed to wage a successful battle in our own territories. From opening pitch to new client acquisition, on to post-sale service, Ally CRM has been our partner for success!"

Software Procurement

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