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Technical Analysis

Scherrer provides energy, environmental, power, computing and systems technical analysis; including design, modeling, validation, hazard and risk assessments.

Fukushima Lessons Learned

As part of a national team of analysts, Scherrer provided technical, geologic and hydrologic analysis in support of the "Fukushima Lessons Learned" team at the US NRC. The team mission is re-evaluating power reactor sites to ensure they continue to meet the challenge of hazards similar to those at the Japanese great northeastern earthquake and tsunami.

Models and Validation

Scherrer provides computer model validation services to those seeking assistance in review of algorithms, analytical workflow, data models, and computing environments.

Resource Definitions

Scherrer provides geologic and resource characterization for oil, gas, gas liquids and condensates for reservoirs and shale horizons. Scherrer has provided current assessments of the size of shale gas resources, nationwide, for federal clients in need of economic development models and forecasts.

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