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Application Software

As an independent application software vendor to markets worldwide, Scherrer provides a host of industry-notable CRM applications under the Ally brand. Scherrer's Ally CRM software includes client/server software, web server hosted applications, and ASP platforms for outsourcing environments; knowledge worker productivity applications; and software development talent. 

Banking & Financial Services

Broker's Ally CRM is the leading application software designed specifically for investment advisors and financial consultants to enhance practice management, better organize the financial details of customer relationships, open new accounts, gather assets, and improve team performance. Deployed in a broad range of banking, advisory, planning and independent channels, Broker's Ally CRM is the leading vertical market CRM of its kind.


Provides "Energy Master Plan" services to universities, colleges and educational services with focus on meeting standards and achieving goals for energy efficiency, carbon reduction, return on capital, savings and conservation.

Energy & Utilities

Providing power, energy and utility clients with analytical services for site characterization, risk assessment and energy master planning. A broad range of services and solutions for energy, environment and hazard mitigation.


As a member of the Fukushima "lessons learned" team, provided analytical services and flood hazard assessments to government agencies. This highly select, and experienced team provides guidance on site hazard assessments and mitigation strategy, tactics and procedures.

Scherrer Resources, Inc. partners with a broad range of firms with the specific vision that "two heads are better than one". Often, powerful synergies occur when two organizations join to share technology or prowess in the solution of a business problem brought forward by a client in need. Scherrer welcomes solicitations for partnering opportunities.
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