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Ally CRM Software

What is CRM?

This three-letter, industry-specific acronym stands for "Customer Relationship Management," and it's around this idea that we have built our application software business. We focus on all the ā€œCā€ niche areas to manage relationships for contacts, constituents, customers, clients, candidates, and citizens.

Why is it important?

CRM is important because you work hard to obtain faithful clients and strong relationships, and you want to keep those relationships current. Whether you're a recruiter, investment advisor, vendor or a salesperson in any other industry, you know how important it is to make your contacts feel connected and important. And, if you're successful in your field, you also know how difficult it is to keep track of every piece of information about each one of your contacts. But thanks to our award winning Ally CRM software, you won't have to rely on your own memory to keep your contacts and clients happy. You can use our software to keep all of your information, from clients' names and addresses to notes and detailed pipeline data, just a click away.

Who's using it?

Well, quite simply, everyone, because it's so easy that there's no reason not to! Our Ally CRM software is a specialty application, far exceeding the capability of generic contact managers, and is ideal for managing your database of clients and prospects in the pipeline. It makes your job easier by giving you instant and portable access to all of your client records. Plus, it's loaded with features like profiling, note taking, activity tracking, letter writing, e-mailing and activities management. Designed specifically for contact work flow management so that you can work faster and engage new clients, instead of simply trying to keep track of the ones you already have.

Development Services

Scherrer Resources, Inc. provides software development services to its clients, worldwide, to enhance business process efficiency. The Scherrer team designs and builds Internet-based computer applications for businesses utilizing contemporary development tools and platforms. For a competitive price estimate, please send your RFP or task description to JScherrer@WebAlly.com or call 484-875-1700.

Broker's Ally

Broker's Ally is the leading application software designed specifically for investment advisors and financial consultants to enhance practice management, better organize the financial details of customer relationships, open new accounts, gather assets, and improve team performance.

For more information see www.BrokersAlly.com

Sales Ally

Sales Ally is the leading sales contact manager; an application software product geared specifically for the sales professional. It offers complete sales pipeline management features, including contact management, notes, activities, proposal tracking, profiling, campaign management and reporting.

For more information see www.SalesAlly.com

Web Ally

Web Ally CRM is our web server hosted "On Demand" sales support software at www.WebAlly.com.

Web Ally is a powerful and flexible relationship management tool that is highly customizable to recruiting, SFA, CRM and client management needs. Web Ally helps increase the sale of products per client, increases client retention through intelligent, event-driven customer interactions across all users including those in district offices, contact centers, and direct marketing channels. Web Ally helps to improve customer retention and profitability and helps you get better results through synchronized, focused marketing attack plans.

For more information see www.WebAlly.com

Advisor's Ally

Advisor's Ally is a powerful practice management and marketing tool that helps advisors and financial consultants open new accounts, gather assets, do trades and manage the financial details of customer relationships. The application provides unlimited flexibility in record management. Detailed and accurate information is available instantaneously to better serve client, prospect and clerical or managerial needs. Advisor's Ally gives you the power you need to quickly execute your best sales and marketing strategies.

For more information see www.AdvisorsAlly.com

Recruiter's Ally

Recruiter's Ally is a cutting edge recruiting, on-boarding, and staffing software solution designed for medium and small sized firms for Staffing, Corporate HR, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). This web based talent acquisition system enables users to be leaders in their industries, while still being flexible and accessible from anywhere.

For more information see www.RecruitersAlly.com